How to Organize Your Coupons

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Extreme couponing takes shopping to a whole new level. It requires ongoing time and commitment to sourcing, selecting, printing, clipping, and organizing coupons. An experienced couponer knows how important it is to get organized and strategize the shopping trip beforehand. Below are the most effective methods for organizing your coupons.

The Three-Ring Binder


1. Clip both online and offline coupons and sort according to store and categories such as Dairy, Frozen Food, Meat, Sauces, Canned Food etc.

2. Purchase baseball card sleeves from Walmart or Office Max and use label stickers to specify stores and categories.

3. Place coupons in the sleeves in their corresponding categories, sorted by expiration date.

The baseball card sleeves keep coupons intact and visible while labels help you quickly find the coupons you need.

The Filing Box


1. Place your entire coupon insert into one section of your filing system, organized by date.

2. Use an online coupon database to find more weekly coupon inserts, add to the corresponding file.

3. Retrieve the coupon inserts and cut relevant coupons as you need them.

4. Bundle coupons with paper clips and add them to your filing box, organized by store or shopping trip.

5. Grab the clipped bundle of coupons from your filing box to take on your shopping trip.

This method is quick and easy because you only clip coupons as you need them, however is less visible and easy to scan than the three ring binder.

Small Tabbed Expansion File


1. Use a small tabbed expansion file with a flap.

2. Label the flaps according to store and store sections.

3. Place in coupons according to labels.

4. Use coupons that are about to expire first.

5. Take the whole file with you when shopping.

This method is used exclusively for one shopping trip. Empty unused coupons, replace expired coupons and re-slot new and unused ones according to labels in preparation for the next shopping trip. The small expansion file is less cumbersome and can be conveniently carried around.

There is no best method for filing, it’s all about finding what is best for you. Consider your level of commitment, organization style, and attitude. You can always combine the filing methods mentioned such as using an accordion file, a filing box and a tabbed expansion file to eventually carry to the store. Try each one out to see which one works best for you.

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