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To extreme coupon, bargain shoppers rely on many sources. They procure coupons from various places and combine them when shopping for the best deals. Clipping coupons from multiple sources will ultimately provide bargain shoppers with wider options such as a wider variety of products and deals in the form of buy-one-get-one-free, $1-off deals or discount offers.

1. The Internet

The internet is the most convenient and readily accessible tool that bargain shoppers can tap into for coupon procurement. You’ll need just three main essentials – the computer, internet access and a printer.

I’ve put together a list of great coupon sites that aggregate manufacturer offers from across the USA that can then be selected and printed in minutes. Yes, this is where your printer comes in handy.

Before I present you with the list, I’ll let you in on a little secret. As a coupon hunter, you should know that there are two categories of coupon sites:

  • major websites that started the coupon craze and feature most of the coupon deals on the internet
  • smaller websites that are fed by the major websites

An informed coupon hunter should look at major sites but also pay attention to the smaller sites operated by savvy bloggers for great curated deals:

1. Coupons.com (embed http://www.coupons.com/couponweb/)

Why go for Coupons.com?

Coupons.com gives users access to a huge selection of coupons that can be easily searched by product and grocery store. Generally, users are limited to one coupon per product, unless otherwise stated, from the list of products featured online for up to 60 days. While coupon enthusiasts are not required to sign up for membership to use the site to procure the featured coupons, signing in as a member will give savvy shoppers an added advantage by gaining access to high value premium coupons for more savings.

2. SmartSource.com (embed http://www.smartsource.com/)

What does SmartSource.com offer?

A very reliable website, SmartSource.com is a merger between local store sales and a wide variety of online and offline deals to help consumers make massive savings. Coupon enthusiasts are provided with a great selection of coupons by typing their zip codes that yield deals specific to users’ area, including offers found in the local newspaper.  Users can also benefit from new coupon alert emails, exclusive coupons and free samples.

3. CouponMom.com (embed http://www.couponmom.com/)

What does CouponMom.com offer?

CouponMom.com is not only my favorite coupon website but it also is the most talked about on television. What makes it stand out from other sites is the availability of the Virtual Coupon Organizer which is an interactive online grocery coupon database listing grocery coupons featured in the Sunday newspaper as well as from other sources by region.  The free printable coupons are updated daily featuring the best deals from 43 grocery chains and 7 national stores. A lot of time can be saved by using this tool to sort by coupon issue date, by expiration date or by custom search. In addition, the ‘Grocery Deals by State’ tool allows users to browse grocery store sales where the coupons from the circulars are already matched with the local grocers’ sales for that week! Awesome, isn’t it? The website also offers free Coupon Mom tutorial downloads for beginner and advanced shoppers who are keen to be more proficient in couponing. Now, since when has shopping evolved into a seriously skilled activity?

4.  RedPlum (embed http://www.redplum.com/)

What does RedPlum offer?

RedPlum offers visitors free exclusive deals based on their zip codes. The online-version of the Sunday paper insert is available on this site. RedPlum does not limit itself to just groceries but extends its services by providing consumers with home improvement and furnishings offers, gift ideas, travel deals, fashion tips and savings advice on housing, pets, groceries among others in the ‘How to Save Money’ section.

5. ValPak (embed http:// www.valpak.com/)

What does ValPak offer?

ValPak is a coupon site that I have been using for a while. Offering a wide array of products from grocery to dining, beauty to home and garden supplies, ValPak offers a list of national manufacturer coupons organized by zip code. New coupons are updated daily, so a daily visit is essential. In keeping up with technology, ValPak delivers electronic coupons straight to the iphone from which consumers can redeem offers. To strategize while shopping, I use the search function to look for coupons from local businesses by keyword, name and category. The site also sorts coupons by distance which saves me time in planning my shopping trips between stores.

2. Facebook

If you are an ardent Facebook user, liking and following the Facebook page of your favorite coupon sites will give you the benefit of accessing news feed updates on new coupons on a daily basis. That way, you can quickly access relevant websites to retrieve coupons you’d like to use.

3.   Sunday Newspapers

Sunday newspapers have been the second most popular resources for grocery coupons after the internet. In view of this, it makes sense to subscribe to the Sunday newspaper as it is relatively inexpensive. You can find one to four coupon inserts in the Sunday Paper each week namely SmartSource, Redplum, Proctor & Gamble and Unilever. Do take note, though that not every newspaper will have the same coupon inserts within the same city.

Here are a few tips to take note of prior to clipping your coupons:

1.  Check the front page of the coupon section for the value of offers contained, for example, ‘Save $55 in this SmartSource’.

2. Check if there are specific brands featured that week. For example, Unilever and Nestle typically publish their quarterly coupons for all brands in a single edition of RedPlum.  On the other hand, Kraft and Kellogs publish coupons for their brands together in SmartSouce.  General Mills and Betty Crocker coupons come out at various times, but typically are featured together in SmartSource.

3.  Check for ultra-high value, free items, or hard to find coupons.

The next thing to note is to ensure that you receive the best coupon inserts for maximum savings. This includes multiple copies of coupons for the purpose of bulk buying for even more savings. Consider the following pieces of advice to get the most out of newspaper coupon inserts:

1. Thoroughly check your local paper

Go through your paper carefully if you have it delivered to your home. If you are lucky, extra inserts many find their way into the paper during the sorting process.

2. Call your newspaper agent

If you don’t receive your regular inserts, call the paper on the same day and request that your paper gets delivered. Since the inserts are after all money in your pocket, ensure that you get your money’s worth.

3. Grab free papers

Many papers that are given free to the public subscribe to the inserts. You can help yourself to the papers guilt-free if you find outstanding coupon inserts in them.

4. Buy a second paper

Purchase a second paper if you find good coupons you’d like multiple copies of. In this case, you should ensure that the savings you obtain from the coupon inserts far outweigh the cost of the newspaper.

5. Drop by your Local Store

If you visit your store just before closing time, ask the store keeper for coupon inserts from the day’s paper. Usually stores return unsold paper for credit with or without coupon inserts. Trying your luck by asking your local store assistant or store keeper may have you end up making huge grocery savings.

6. Make friends with the staff at your favorite café

Make friends with the owner or wait staff at the coffee joint or café you habitually visit and ask if they could keep coupon inserts from the papers for you.

7.  Ask people you know

Some people don’t bother to use coupons so asking your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues may be the easiest way to get the coupons you are after.

8.  Start a coupon exchange club

Gather a few people you know who collect and use coupons and form a coupon exchange club. This way, you can collect multiple copies of the product you intend to purchase by simply exchanging the ones which you won’t use with those you find valuable.

9.  Coupon recycling

Recycling coupons is a great way to save the environment. Place a coupon collection bin in your workplace where unused coupon inserts can be recycled for use by coupon fanatics.

4. Magazines

I swear by the magazine ‘All You’ for its plethora of manufacturers coupons which can amount to a value of up to $90/month. ‘All You’ magazine is available at Walmart or by subscription. Here’s another secret. If you subscribe to ‘All You’ online, you will receive 51% cash back. Now, that’s big bang for your bucks considering it costs under $1 an issue. Smart savings, isn’t it? If you happen to subscribe to the Sunday paper, ‘Parade Magazine’ comes with coupons too, albeit not as jam-packed with coupons compared to ‘All You’.

5.  Email

Take advantage of the internet and send coupon requests via email to your favorite stores. Many are happy to send their downloadable coupon booklets to you.

6. Stores

Check out store circulars in your local store for store coupons. Pick them up prior to planning your week’s meal to stretch your dollar.

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